Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Winter Blues...

So I decided a few weeks ago to mainly devote myself to talking about adoption and issues surrounding adoption but I find myself with the winter blues. So for this post I am gonna talk about both adoption and the blues....

I am tired and I just want to crawl into bed and stay there. Ok, some would call it depression but I like to title it winter blues because depression just seems to overused to me.

My self confidence is at a pretty low point and things just seem bleak. I have not called Steve in a while, I guess I am nervous too and I really don't know what to say. I have not spoken to Phil at all nor Wendy. in 5 years. Wendy and I email each other. I can't really ask her advice on things but I am just kind of at a loss here. Where do I go from this place I am in? I want to call them and I want to meet them.... I am just nervous about that. It has all kind of built up to this point and I am standing at the top of the mountain and it has so many different paths down. Some are sharp with rocks... some smooth with snow... some bumpy.

I just feel tired all the time lately.... tired of the way things are. I wish I was fed up. Or had some more energetic emotions towards things...



Blogger Carin said...

Liz, hon you need to get up go for a walk do something different to shake you out of this hole you are slipping into. I have seen that place and it is ugly. Time to do something out of the ordinary and get yourself moving. Remember that you are an amazing loving wonderful human being and those who take the time to see that will keep coming back, attracted to the light that comes from your soul. If you feel a need to pick up the phone and contact people, even just to say, "HI! I just wanted to touch base." Then do it! Don't be held back by what is perceived as "right or proper". Life is too short to allow anyone or anything to keep us from those we care for.


Blogger Kid Fury said...

You've always had this issue about being 'afraid to face X' and honestly, you just need to give it all a shot. Who cares what people think... if something makes you happy then live your life as you see fit.
Waiting for tomorrow only brings another tomorrow Liz. Go shake the rafters and light the fires... you might have fun!

Blogger ~E said...


Blogger kim.kim said...

Send a card. Tell them you'd love to see them, write in a few possible dates or see if you can see them seperately. Don't not contact them from feeling shy, just send a little card.


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